Australasia Biographies

Timeline biographies of the 200 female convicts transported on the Australasia from Dublin to Hobart in 1849.

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Convict NameAgePolice NumberLast Updated
Johannah AHERN20247January 2014
Julia AHERN202462005
Rose BANNON19994January 2014
Judith BEAKY139982005
Margaret BEATRY2510012005
Ann BEHAN609972005
Margaret BEHAN209962005
Mary BOYDE189932005
Judith BRADY249952005
Ellen BRENNAN2110062005
Mary BRIEN241008January 2014
Eliza BRINTON2610092005
Ellen BROWNE1910072005
Bridget BURKE3010042005
Dorah BURKE2410032005
Margaret BURKE101005January 2014
Sarah BURKE309992005
Bridget BUTLER391000January 2014
Catherine BUTLER2610022005
Ann BYRNE2310102005
Bridget CAHILL3510102005
Margaret CAHILL181011January 2014
Bridget CALLAGHAN2310202005
Mary CARMODY2010012005
Bridget CARSON2710142005
Margaret CARTHY 1st3010032005
Margaret CARTHY 2nd2110252005
Margaret CASEY231026January 2014
Bridget CASSIDY1910222005
Winifred CAULFIELD3010122005
Susan CHICKLEY1610072005
Bridget COEN2210132005
Judy COLLINS2010242005
Margaret COMPSTICK1510212005
Mary CONDON181002March 2014
Margaret CONNELL2610052005
Mary CONNELL2610082005
Ellen CONNOR2610152005
Mary CONNOR361009January 2014
Judith CONROY351023January 2014
Jane CONRY2510192005
Mary COOGAN2210182005
Mary COOLEY28998January 2014
Susan CORR2410272005
Anne CORRY1610002005
Mary COSTELLOE3010292005
Margaret COY259992005
Margaret CRONIN1910062005
Bridget CROTTY2610282005
Margaret CROWLEY3510042005
Mary CROWLEY2310302005
Catherine CRUMMER1810162005
Elizabeth CURRY1410172005
Ann DALEY226772005
Elizabeth DALEY246762005
Bridget DAVIN186752005
Mary DAVIN176832005
Catherine DOHERTY206672005
Ann DONNELLY 1st31678January 2014
Ann DONNELLY 2nd306792005
Witty DONOHUE20669January 2014
Catherine DONOVAN186722005
Ellen DOODY216702005
Bridget DOOLING196822005
Ellen DOYLE246802005
Margaret DRISCOLL166712005
Mary DUFFY 1st18668January 2014
Mary DUFFY 2nd206742005
Mary Ann DUNNE28673January 2014
Margaret DWYER366812005
Bridget EDWARDS251832005
Catherine ENNIS30182January 2014
Judith FARRELL304362005
Ann FEELY19433January 2014
Johanna FITZGERALD22435January 2014
Margaret FITZGERALD174342005
Catherine FLYNN40432January 2014
Catherine FORDE294372005
Mary Ann GAFFNEY205202005
Catherine GAINOR195132005
Ellen GAMBLE18519January 2014
Peggy GANNON 1st345142005
Peggy GANNON 2nd165152005
Ellen GIBNEY206122005
Alice GLEESON185212005
Bridget GLEESON215162005
Johanna GREADY20517January 2014
Eliza GUILFOYLE195182005
Bridget HAINES267972005
Johanna HARVEY288022005
Mary HASSETT187952005
Bridget HAYES198002005
Mary HEADON26802January 2014
Ellen HEFFERMAN217982005
Margaret HESTIAN208012005
Bridget HIGGINS187992005
Judith HOURIGAN247962005
Mary JUDGE223692005
Catherine KEANE163712005
Bridget KEARNEY213682005
Catherine KEARNS21372January 2014
Mary KEEGAN20370January 2014
Catherine KEELY183652005
Mary KELLY203742005
Bridget KENNEDY30363January 2014
Honora KENNIGAN30375January 2014
Elizabeth KENNY203692005
Kitty KING303662005
Mary KING19373January 2014
Nappy KING263672005
Margaret KINNEALY18364January 2014
Napy LAWLOR204512005
Ann LEECH20447January 2014
Jane LOAGUE 1st254522005
Jane LOAGUE 2nd254532005
Ellen LOUGHLAN47450March 2014
Ellen LYDEN244492005
Mary LYDEN244482005
Bridget LYNCH264452005
Catherine LYNCH184442005
Ellen LYNCH234462005
Margaret MAGEE261051January 2014
Bell MAGUIRE201058January 2014
Catherine MAGUIRE1810602005
Sarah Ann MAGUIRE2510592005
Catherine MAHON501039January 2014
Mary MAHONY1510282005
Ann MANNION4010342005
Ann MATTHEWS211023January 2014
Catheirne McALEER2010562005
Ann McCABE2010532005
Mary McCANN211054January 2014
Honora McCARTHY1810462005
Margaret McDERMOTT3610472005
Ann McEVOY331055January 2014
Catherine McGEARY2610572005
Rose McGOVERN2110522005
Bridget McHENRY2010492005
Kitty McHUGO211048January 2014
Honora McINERHENRY1510452005
Ellen McKNIGHT2710502005
Mary Ann McLOUGHLIN2010412005
Catherine McMAHON2210442005
Mary McNAMARA 1st2510422005
Mary McNAMARA 2nd211043January 2014
Mary McNAMARA 3rd4010512005
Alice MOLLOY2910372005
Mary MOLONY2310292005
Mary MONOHAN2010322005
Nora MOORE2310402005
Margaret MULCAHY2310362005
Elizabeth MULCOLNEY211030January 2014
Eliza MULLAM1610352005
Mary MULROONEY241038January 2014
Catherine MURPHY2110272005
Margaret MURPHY2110242005
Mary MURPHY301026January 2014
Mary Ann MURPHY2210252005
Bridget MURRAY4010332005
Honora NEILL23196January 2014
Ann NEVIN20194January 2014
Bridget NEYLAN26193January 2014
Catherine NOLAN211952005
Mary NOONAN20192January 2014
Mary O'BRIEN40972005
Catherine O'NEAL24982005
Ellenor ONIONS2599March 2014
Ellen PIERCE23405January 2014
Caroline RANKIN38507January 2014
Mary REGAN225062005
Catherine REIDY35503January 2014
Mary RIORDAN26504January 2014
Ellen ROSNEY205112005
Catherine ROWE175102005
Mary RUSSELL26505January 2014
Elizabeth RYAN 1st245082005
Elizabeth RYAN 2nd30509January 2014
Bridget SCANLON208922005
Biddy SHARKEY22890January 2014
Bridget SHARKEY248912005
Susan SHREENAN258952005
Jane SMITH22893January 2014
Mary SMITH22894January 2014
Catherine STEWART248832005
Bridget SUGENE258892005
Bridget SULLIVAN228882005
Ellen SULLIVAN20886January 2014
Johanna SULLIVAN22885January 2014
Julia SULLIVAN22887January 2014
Mary SULLIVAN228842005
Madge TOWIE19361January 2014
Ann TULLY223622005
Mary TULLY363632005
Catherine WALSH20828January 2014
Margaret WALSH19830January 2014
Mary WALSH188292005
Elizabeth WHELAN20825January 2014
Peggy WHELAN248262005
Sarah WILLIAMS218272005
Bridget YORKE2533January 2014