Rajah Biographies

Timeline biographies of the 180 female convicts transported on the Rajah from England to Hobart in 1841.

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Convict NameAgePolice NumberLast Updated
Mary ADSHEAD341362013
Agnes AGNEW231392013
Jane ALCOCK311372013
Elizabeth ALEXANDER201352013
Margaret ANDERSON571412013
Catherine ANGUS501402013
Elizabeth ARCHER211382013
Mary BAILEY194722013
Sarah BAILEY164842013
Mary BANNAN184852013
Elizabeth BARNES374702013
Elizabeth BARRETT184872013
Sarah BECKWITH184772013
Elizabeth BELL204822013
Petus BEVINGTON224882013
Ann BOGLE214742013
Mary Ann BOILEY404802013
Jean BOWIE484752013
Charlotte BOYCE214862013
Ann BRACE204812013
Ann BROWN304762013
Eliza BROWN214832013
Hannah BROWN224712013
Mary BROWN414732013
Caroline BURT154782013
Jane BURT174792013
Jane CALE224352013
Margaret CALLAGHAN264382013
Jean CAMPBELL254442013
Ann CHAPMAN234332013
Jane CHAPMAN274342013
Isabella CLAPPERTON334432013
Mary CLARK224412013
Eliza CLARKE224392013
Margaret CLARKE324362013
Elizabeth CLAYTON194322013
Elizabeth CLEAVELAND564312013
Mary COPPING194422013
Louisa DALE342952013
Ann DAVENPORT492972013
Mary Ann DAVIS173002013
Eliza DEANS223022013
Sarah DENNERLY542982013
Agnes DOGHERTY603042013
Mary DONOVAN 1st212962013
Mary DONOVAN 2nd193012013
Charlotte DUNDAS253032013
Ann DYER222992013
Jane EDWARDS19922013
Sarah ESP30942013
Matilda EWER27932013
Maria FEANS191992013
Elizabeth FISHER221962013
Catherine FLEMING221982013
Johannah FOGERTY241942013
Mary FORD271972013
Rose FORD132002013
Lidia FRENCH371952013
Georgiana GATEHOUSE292562013
Mary GIRDWOOD242582013
Mary GOULDING212532013
Ellen GRAHAM232572013
Sophia GRANTHAM202542013
Frances GREEN222512013
Sarah GREEN252522013
Jane HAMILTON173982013
Mary HAMPSON224052013
Elizabeth HARRIGAN224122013
Mary HARRINGTON223992013
Mary Ann HARRISON334012013
Elizabeth HAWKINS304032013
Ann HEADSPETH174112013
Betsey HEALD174042013
Jane HENLY224022013
Ellen HOLDEN234062013
Ann HORNE184142013
Jane HOUGHTON344072013
Elizabeth HOWARTH274092013
Catherine HUGHES224082013
Sarah HUGHES234002013
Catherine HUNTER184102013
Mary HUTCHESON254132013
Ruth JACKSON221992013
Jane JOHNSON 1st382012013
Jane JOHNSON 2nd202022013
Mary JOHNSON232002013
Ann JONES 1st201952013
Ann JONES 2nd331962013
Jane JONES231972013
Phoebe JONES241982013
Rachael JONES261932013
Mary JOY181942013
Ann KELLY241672013
Mary Ann KING221662013
Amelia LAING242292013
Mary Ann LEE192272013
Catherine LOWRY202262013
Sarah LUCAS212252013
Mary LYNCH222242013
Mary LYON262232013
Ann MACK193402013
Sarah MAGGS223432013
Sarah MALTMAN203452013
Caroline MANDER213372013
Ellen MARR183482013
Mary Ann MARSH193392013
Elizabeth McCLEWER384372013
Mary Ann McGILLIGAN162552013
Grace McGUNNIGALL232592013
Jane McLAUCHLAN252302013
Christina McLEOD212282013
Margaret MILLER233462013
Elizabeth MILLWARD483442013
Sarah MORRIS203422013
Ann MUIR253472013
Eleanor MURPHY343382013
Maria MUSGROVE283412013
Margaret NEILLIS20832013
Mary O'CONNOR254402013
Ellen O'NEILL27822013
Louisa PADDICK212072013
Sarah PARFITT402092013
Janet PATERSON222102013
Hannah PERRY162062013
Sarah PINDAR502082013
Ann RAINES342232013
Harriett RATCLIFFE262272013
Susannah RAWCLIFFE182282013
Eliza REDMAN172242013
Mary RICHARDSON202262013
Jane RICKARD342252013
Eliza RILEY182222013
Elizabeth RILEY212292013
Jane ROBERTS252202013
Jane ROBERTSON172332013
Janet ROBERTSON192312013
Nancey ROBERTSON172342013
Mary ROOK262212013
Sarah ROSE292302013
Joan RUSSELL222322013
Margaret SCRAGG264452013
Ann SCREECH374472013
Margaret SHAW474412013
Mary SIM254542013
Elizabeth SLATER 1st234482013
Elizabeth SLATER 2nd344512013
Eliza SMITH184442013
Mary SMITH 2nd384392013
Mary SMITH 3rd264432013
Mary Ann SMITH264522013
Mary Julia SMITH 1st264502013
Margaret SPEIRS264562013
Hester SPREADBOROUGH254532013
Grace STEVENS174462013
Christian STEVENSON494552013
Mary SULLIVAN 1st284402013
Mary SULLIVAN 2nd354422013
Margarett SWEET314492013
Jane TAYLOR161702013
Sarah TAYLOR 1st251712013
Sarah TAYLOR 2nd251752013
Mary THOMPSON241732013
Emily TURNER231742013
Sarah TURTON341722013
Catherine WARREN304172013
Sophia WELLER244132013
Margaret WELSH214142013
Elizabeth WESTON224092013
Sarah WETHERALL224202013
Mary Ann WHITMORE284102013
Maria WICKS224152013
Margaret WILLIAMS244232013
Martha WILLIAMS324162013
Jane WILSON214122013
Mary WILSON414192013
Margaret WOOD224182013
Sarah Phoebe WOODHOUSE534242013
Louisa WOOLGER164212013
Ann WRIGHT234222013
Mary WRIGHT334112013